The factors affecting circulating fluidized bed boiler temperature

There are many factors affecting the temperature of fluidized bed boilers. Generally speaking, the volume of the coal is large, the temperature will be high. And vise visa. If a constant fluidized bed combustion boiler temperature is needed, then the quantity of the coal should be stable. The coal quality is another important factor. The […]

Maintenance of Waste Heat Recovery Boiler

Waste heat boiler and heat recovery boiler uses waste liquor,waste gas ,etc to produce steam for production or electricity generation,is one kind of industrial boiler,it not only makes full use of the industrial waste,but also protect the environment. So, the waste heat recovery boiler occupies an important position in the industry,like other industrial boiler,it also […]

waste heat boilers in China

Waste heat boiler,waste heat boilers in China is a developing country, with urbanization and improvement of people’s living standards, the number of MSW will increase.In recent years,MSW increases at the rate of 8%,the growth of MSW has become a potential factor that restrict the sustainable development of China.the traditional landfill costs too much,so the waste […]

Measures to blocking prevent of cfb boiler coal feeding system

cfb boilers (cfb boiler) appears in the environment of national energy conservation,widely used in large-scale central heating and various enterprises heating system.However,some customers indicate that the blocking of coal feeding system may happen in the using of boiler cfb,which causes great economic losses. According to the analysis of China-boiler-manufacturer  ZG , the main reason is […]

Future demand of cfbc boilers

The market of CHINA industrial circulating fluidized bed boiler is in the domestic.In the past,development and investment’scale of the national economy, heating needs and residential construction of the northern region,the development of tertiary industry and private enterprise, the transformation of the Inefficient and antiquated cfbc boilersand the normal upgrading and so on,which are the main […]