Coal fired boiler energy conservation

Coal fired boiler energy conservation With the increasing costs of resource and awareness of environmental protection,reducing the energy consumption and the heat loss become an imperative matter of the coal boilers and coal stoker boiler. the experts from China-boiler-manufacturer ZG INDUSTRIAL LIMITED give us the following suggestions to achieve that. optimizing the heating way of […]

Coal fired boiler for sale in China

Coal fired boiler for sale in China Low efficiency,high energy consumption is a common problem about small coal boiler in our country,the main reasons are the followings. A single coal boilers for sale capacity is too small, low load operation for long term, the energy is in the low rate of utilization. Design of coal […]

Largest best coal fired boiler House Retired in Beijing

Largest best coal boiler House Retired in Beijing The largest best coal boiler house in urban Beijing was shut down several days ago, as part of the government’s plan to cut pollution in the capital city. As a part of top anthracite coal boiler manufacturers from china, ZG company highly pay attention to this matter. […]

Coal and biomass dual fuel boilers

SZL series double drum industrial coal and biomass dual fuel boiler, High quality biomass pellet boiler China Glass A manufacturer 1.This series dual fuel boilers belong to double drums water tube boilers,designed for bloedown on surface,and the quality of steam is pretty good. 2.Dual fuel Steam boiler devided into saturated steam boiler and overheat steam […]