Maintenance of Waste Heat Recovery Boiler

Waste heat boiler and heat recovery boiler uses waste liquor,waste gas ,etc to produce steam for production or electricity generation,is one kind of industrial boiler,it not only makes full use of the industrial waste,but also protect the environment. So, the waste heat recovery boiler occupies an important position in the industry,like other industrial boiler,it also […]

Fuel gas heat recovery boiler manufacturer

ZG fuel gas heat recovery involves the heat recovered through condensation of water vapor. Nearly all exhaust gases contain some moisture in the vapor form. As the exhaust stream cools, it eventually reaches its “dew point” and from then on water vapor begins to condense. In doing so, large amount of recoverable heat is released. […]

Waste heat recovery system collect waste to energy

Waste heat is the thermal energy which is commonly discarded after being created as a byproduct of industrial processes and working machinery of all kinds, including domestic appliances and cars. The recovery of waste heat can be carried out in a number of different ways, but techniques are limited by the need to be cost-effective […]

Hazardous Waste Incineration Waste Heat Boilers

Waste heat boiler of hazardous waste incineration Boilers in hazardous waste service have been a standard in Europe for many years.  Energy recovery is essentially a permit requirement for waste combustion – commercial or “captive” – installations.  To accommodate the contaminants and challenges of such service, the waste heat boilers deployed are generally quite large.  […]

Waste Heat boiler specifications

The following discussions pertain to waste heat boilers in incineration plants,chemical plants,gas turbine cogeneration systems,refineries and boilers recovering energy from various flue gas sources. 1.Provide the flue gas analysis such as % volume CO2,H2O,N2,O2,SO2,Hcl etc. This helps to determine if low or high temperature corrosion problems are likely. Gas specific heat and hence boiler duty,steam […]